The Grounds

There is a big lawn between Cabin 1 and 3 with some beautiful surrounding forests where you can play football, outdoor games or enjoy a wide range of activities:


  •  Family games such as Kubb, Crocket and Boules
  • Table tennis and Soft-ball tennis on a small grass court
  • There is one trampoline and a small number of toys for children
  • A small number of bicycles can be borrowed to explore the island or go to the store
  • Build your own tree house with the kids
  • Classic Swedish game tournaments "Fem Kamp"

Gällnö Cabins



Water Activities

The beach, jetty and sauna are for the use of all guests.

  • Beach
  • Waterskiing - require pre booking
  • Wakeboarding - require pre booking
  • Boat rental


Close to the Cabins

  • Golf  - a short boat ride away
  • Hunting -  hunting experiences with deer, foxes or badgers could be organised on the grounds on demand. This depends on the season (starts mid August) and if you have a hunting licence.


Take a day trip to Stockholm with the local ferry service!

Evening Activities

The Sauna will take approximately 1hr to heat up. There is fresh water in the sauna for washing or just go bathing in the sea as this is perfectly clean.

  • Camp fires
  • Sauna experience
  • Watch the sunset and take an evening swim on the north shore
  • Have dinner or a drink at Gällnö Restaurant (see opening times >>)

Kayak or Canoe  trips

We have one kayak for 2 people and one canoe for 3 people. A trip between the islands early in the morning beats most nature experiences.  We have maps with several scenic routes that  will give you an amazing view and the freedom to go ashore and explore other islands. Why not bring a  bring a pack lunch for a days outing and swim from the rocks.




Gällnö Cabins is also run as a luxury fishing camp during fishing seasons, making it  the prefect place to bring your gear or borrow ours. Booked fishing tours are available  and you can rent our guide boats if you do not have your own.  This is a Catch & Release camp, meaning all pike must be released and immediately put back in the water. Unless you intend to cook one or two for dinner the same evening. 


Stockholm Fishing Camp >>


We catch 10-20 pikes on a normal day depending on the time of year. Average weight is approx 2-3kg but almost every fishing trip we catch pikes weighing 6-8kg. In early spring and late autumn specimens weighing more than 10kg is not unusual.


If you plan on drinking alcohol during the day, please book a guide, as drinking whilst driving a boat is strictly against the law



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