Gällnö Cabins


Gällnö Island

Gällnö is considered one of the most beautiful islands, located in the middle of the archipelago. Life here can be described as one of peace and tranquility. The old but well-preserved buildings remind you of another time. The cows belonging to the local farmer, graze across the island in lush meadows. Each season has its charm, but only about 30 people live year-round on the island.


On Gällnö there is a small shop Gällnö Handelsbod located in Gällnö By, 1.5km from the camp. They stock the most essential groceries and the owners are very helpful and sometimes able to bring home special orders. Open May-Sep.


In connection to the shop there is a small café, a bar and a restaurant. The bar has a good selection of beer and wine and they also mix some nice cocktails and mocktails. The restaurant has a small menu, but of very high standard.


For those who want to explore the island properly, there are nice bicycle and pedestrian paths. On the 4 km long “Gällnöstigen” tour, you can learn about Gällnö history, the flora and fauna. Far into the forest is also an old Russian military oven, which reminds us of the Russian invasion of the archipelago in 1709.



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