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Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago is probably one of the worlds best kept secrets. It is Sweden's largest archipelago with approximately 24 000 islands scattered  across an area of 1 700 km². There are only about 10 000 permanent residents, mainly on the larger islands that have direct access to the mainland by bridges or ferry services.  The majority of  houses are summer cabins,    which are frequently used during the warmer months of the year before the ice sets. 


Swedes are in their element  on the water and sailing or boating between the islands is something many do every weekend during summer. Because of the "Swedish Allemansrätt" all islands are accessible and you can  moor your boats or camp almost anywhere you like. This means that as a tourist you can explore the archipelago with ease using ferry services or renting a boat.


The summer season starts in the end of June for the Swedish midsummer celebrations and lasts until the end of September with the classic crayfish parties.  During late summer and  autumn, many visit the islands to forage in the woods for mushrooms, berries and other delicatessens that are typical for the season. This is the time to sit in front of log fires and read a book, fish during the day and take a refreshing sauna in the evening.



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